Jun 10, 2021 • 28M

Episode 45: Better Days are Here! Season Wrap Up

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Whether it's a new technology, a virus, or social change at a tipping point, disruption creates new opportunities in the workplace and modern life, but it's not all flying cars and rainbows, change is hard. Join Trip O'Dell, Anna Codina, and Larry Cornett as they look at the evolution of the workplace from traditional offices trying to figure out how to adapt to being suddenly remote, to companies that were born as "work anyplace" teams, and how those changes impact everything from how we collaborate to how our kids go to school, and what it all means for our local communities and the global economy.
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Wow, there’s a lot going on in the world today! Trip, Larry, and Anna are getting back to work as life begins to ramp up. Your lovely co-hosts have decided to take a short break while they figure out their next phase in the future of work. Until then, keep creating, keep improving, and keep embracing change. It’s the only way forward!

Key Takeaways

  • Anna, Trip, and Larry have been busy!

  • We’re taking a summer break to get our ducks in the row.

  • Throughout this podcast we’ve talked about how there’s better days ahead, well guess what, they’re here!

  • Trip is working for a 135 year old company and they are ready to embrace this new digital world. If they can do it, you can do it too.

  • Big shout out to our interns AnaMichele and Brian!

  • Also the BIGGEST shout out to Albie, our editor at Podfly!

  • Your co-hosts will be coming back, but as life kicks back up, they want to take a step back to see what’s on the forefront of what’s next.

  • Without a commute, podcasts have dropped off slightly. What’s next for the Brave New Workforce? Perhaps video format!

  • Getting comfortable speaking and being on camera are critical job skills in today’s world. This podcast has helped all three of your co-hosts get better at it.

  • You gotta put yourself out there. Larry shares an example of what that can do for you and your career.

  • Trip brings it full circle. The Black Death.

  • Whatever change comes your way, embrace it. It’s only going to get faster and faster.

  • People are still going to have to work, because of that, Larry, Trip, and Anna will still be talking about the future of work.

  • Thanks for listening and we’ll be back!

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“People no longer have tolerance for the old gatekeepers and the old models. It’s changing even faster than a lot of people have anticipated.” — Larry

“Ideas to leave you with, keep growing, keep watching where the puck is going.” — Trip

“People were talking about how this was going to kill the economy, it did for a little while, however so many people have used what was presented in front of them, grown from it, and shifted to a more online world.” — Anna