May 27, 2021 • 31M

Episode 44: Future-Proof Your Career and Never Submit a Resume Ever Again!

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Whether it's a new technology, a virus, or social change at a tipping point, disruption creates new opportunities in the workplace and modern life, but it's not all flying cars and rainbows, change is hard. Join Trip O'Dell, Anna Codina, and Larry Cornett as they look at the evolution of the workplace from traditional offices trying to figure out how to adapt to being suddenly remote, to companies that were born as "work anyplace" teams, and how those changes impact everything from how we collaborate to how our kids go to school, and what it all means for our local communities and the global economy.
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Would you like more leverage in your career and get more opportunities without having to knock on doors? The world is opening up and it’s apparent that when it comes to the future of work, country borders are going to be less and less relevant. With remote work, it means companies are looking for the best of the best, and they’re no longer forced to look in their own backyard or for a particular zip code. Anna talks about one of her favorite things with her two co-hosts Larry and Trip, and that’s personal brand. Learn how to structure yourself in a world that just got way more competitive.

Key Takeaways
Trip is three Red Bulls in and has “resting dad face.”
We’re talking about your personal brand today and why it’s important for the future of work!
Anna tries to explain what a personal brand is, but Trip has a face.
The problem with the personal brand is that it’s such a buzzword. What IS IT really?
How do you get started with your personal brand? Anna shares some quick tips.
People often say you should start with “what you know,” but Trip believes what you know is boring! Anna disagrees.
It depends on where you are in the personal brand journey. Are you new to this? Or are you a bit seasoned? What should you be writing about? What you know vs. what you care about? Let’s break this down.
Trip started writing a “remote workforce” article, realized it was bigger than he could chew, and it ended up turning into a podcast.
Larry loves to tweet thoughts out there and see what gets engagement, and then turn that into an article.
Let’s talk about audience quality. You can talk about a wide range of topics, but make sure you’re tying them back to your core “content.”
Women’s max career earning potential hits at 40. For men, it’s 45-50. If you’re in tech, those numbers are even more dire. Ouch! Future-proofing your career becomes way more urgent now than ever before.
Don’t care about personal brand? Okay, we get it. But writing skills will still be more relevant than ever before! So many people are terrible at communicating over email. You’ll get an advantage if you can structure your thoughts in a consumable way.
Trip reads a lot of cover letters and resumes, etc. Man, have a personality for once! So many people are just saying the same thing about why they’re different.

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