May 6, 2021 • 42M

Episode 41: Behavioral Interviewing Hot Seat: Why Hiring Managers Ask Weird Questions

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Whether it's a new technology, a virus, or social change at a tipping point, disruption creates new opportunities in the workplace and modern life, but it's not all flying cars and rainbows, change is hard. Join Trip O'Dell, Anna Codina, and Larry Cornett as they look at the evolution of the workplace from traditional offices trying to figure out how to adapt to being suddenly remote, to companies that were born as "work anyplace" teams, and how those changes impact everything from how we collaborate to how our kids go to school, and what it all means for our local communities and the global economy.
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Larry, Trip, and Anna are doing something new this week! They’re conducting their very first hot seat session with two brave candidates who are eager to understand what goes through a hiring manager’s mind and why they ask questions the way they do. At the end, your co-hosts explain some of the psychological reasons behind their questions, and they share how they also filter for bias.

Key Takeaways
Companies are employing some shady practices when it comes to hiring a new candidate. They use “psychology” but it’s not actually real psychology.
The first candidate on the hot seat is Manisha. A little bit about her and what she does.
Manisha shares a time where she had a conflict with a peer.
Trip asks Manisha what she thinks Larry and Trip were looking for in that interaction.
Meghana joins the hot seat and shares a little bit about herself.
What is Meghana’s proudest professional failure?
Meghana shares a time where she had to push back on a boss.
Trip breaks down how he was trained to interview candidates.
Larry shares why he looks for candidates with a growth mindset.
Anna emphasizes the point that you need to get good at telling stories. People remember details to the story, not necessarily facts and figures.
Manisha and Meghana share their experiences of being interviewed by other companies.
Trip shares how he noticed bias during the hiring process and why it’s important to weed that out really quickly.
Manisha got asked the question, “Tell me why we shouldn’t hire you.”

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